Tune your body to burn fat in 7 days


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7 steps to the ideal figure

Neurosystem7 is designed for people who need to reboot their metabolic processes and restore normal body weight. The comprehensive formula meets all physiological needs of the body and works at the neuronal level. This means that over the course of treatment with Neurosystem7 your body will tune to the correct food behaviour on the muscular level and reduce fat mass to achieve the desired weight.

Step 1

Blocks excessive hunger

Step 2

Reduces cravings for sweet, salty and fatty foods

Step 3

Discards the excess fluid

Step 4

Splits subcutaneous fat

Step 5

Accelerates metabolism

Step 6

Generates the correct food habits

Step 7

Secures the achieved results

With Neurosystem7 you do not have to diet and do hard workouts The formula will do its job at the cellular level

How does Neurosystem7 work ?

How come some of us eat everything and still don’t gain weight while for others one extra candy is enough to put on weight?

  • Each of us has a biological neural string, which is responsible for all processes in the body, including weight.
  • The neural string of those "slim by nature" contains the correct information: take from the food just what you need, i.e. the number of calories necessary to live and process into energy the rest.
  • In people prone to be overweight, the neural string is disrupted. Their body first stores calories for energy and only then – to insure the life functions.
  • This makes people with excess weight often feel tired and exhausted - their excess fat mass is not transformed into energy, and is deposited under the skin and around internal organs.

Neurosystem7 helps the body build the correct biological food string, which remodels the eating habits. Thus, people start liking only those products that are really necessary for the body functions.

calorie distribution


  • 300 calories

    are stored for later

  • 15 calories

    spent for the brain

  • 9 grams

    of pure fat stored in the body


  • 270 calories

    transformed into pure energy

  • 35 calories

    spent for the brain

  • 10 calories

    spent to maintain the life functions of the body

The bioactive composition of Neurosystem7

Yacon root extract

Prebiotic complex

Evening primrose extract

Cissus quadrangularis extract

Fennel extract

Chromium picolinate

Wild saffron extract

is a revolutionary breakthrough in the slimming industry!


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Preparation and detox
Toxins accumulated in the intestines and excess water are discarded from the body. The body is set to the correct nutrition routine


launching slimming
Activation of fat lipolysis


suppression of weight gain
The process of production of new fat cells stops


weight loss
Metabolism is normalized and accelerated. Body mass begins to regress


calories are transformed into energy
The body sets up to transform the fats, proteins and carbohydrates in pure energy


improved body condition
Digestion and nervous systems are normalized


acquiring stable and consistent routine
The new food behaviour is recorded at the neuronal level. The biologically correct neuronal circuit is logged. The achieved result is maintained.

Expert's opinion

Patrick Belaos,
MD, PhD, dietitian, nutritionist

For many people who suffer from being overweight, losing weight on their own is a virtually impossible task. This is caused by several reasons, including: slow metabolism, sedentary lifestyle, and junk food. Food addiction is a very serious problem. Neurosystem7 complex was developed for those who suffer from food addiction and are unable to observe a proper diet.

This 7-step slimming system covers all parts of the organism responsible for slimming, adjusts them as required and stabilizes the results.

Neurosystem7 has a mild sedative effect that allows getting rid of the food addictions and losing weight without stress.

The combined effect of the ingredients that make up Neurosystem7, helps get rid of excess weight easily, effectively and without fearing that the lost kilos will come back.

How to use Neurosystem7:

The course consists of seven ampoules in the shades of the rainbow. To start losing weight, you need to drink them in the appropriate order. Take one ampoule per day, in the morning, in a large glass of water (200 ml), stirring until fully dissolved. The duration of one course is 7 days. For optimal results, two treatment courses are recommended.

Testimonials of those who have already lost weight with Neurosystem7

After the birth of my second child I had neither time nor energy for myself, not to mention diet or workout. I wanted to lose weight very fast (preferably without any effort). And you know what? This is virtually what happened to me. I ordered the right product that regulates eating habits and restores the metabolic processes - Neurosystem7. Now I always tend to eat in the morning and somehow, I always find time to make some proper food for myself. No more late dinner, the sides and belly disappeared as if by magic. Three weeks on Neurosystem7, and I became even slimmer than before the birth of the first baby!

Karen Escobia, 37 years old

I've always been rather slim. I could afford to eat pretty much everything, I didn’t work out either. But then something went wrong, I began to gain weight at a breakneck pace. I panicked. I began to frantically search for a diet and tried everything. I hate to remember these times. But now I can say with confidence, that among all the existing slimming brands Neurosystem7 is the best. This supplement essentially doesn’t just burn calories and fat cells, it speeds up metabolism, removes excess fluid, reduce body fat mass. Over one slimming course with Neurosystem, I got rid of 37 kilograms, I look younger, and I feel great!

Jonel Tabanao, 33 years old

I was trying to get on top of the excess kilos for more than 15 years and was ready to give up when I discovered Neurosystem7. This plant-based formula gives no side effects unlike what I have tried before. I feel great, excess weight PERMANENTLY disappeared! Over one course of Neurosystem7, I lost 43 kilogramma and continue to lose weight, although I stopped taking it three weeks ago. I wasn’t expecting such a stunning effect. I am very happy with the result.

Christine Santos, 41 years old


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Tune your body to burn fat in 7 days


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